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Earn up to 1 cent/L on fuel and 3% on non-fuel purchases in CAA Dollars at Husky.

BCAA Members can earn Double CAA Dollars on fuel at Husky. Starting October 1, 2015, all Members will earn 0.5 cents/L on fuel and 2% on non-fuel purchases in CAA Dollars. Once Members SUBSCRIBE to the program, they will earn 1 cent/L on fuel, 3% on non-fuel purchases and receive additional email offers from Husky and BCAA. If Members REGISTER in the program before Jan 31, 2017, they will continue to earn 0.5 cents/L on fuel and 2% on non-fuel purchases in CAA Dollars.* Discount available by visiting the location or online by clicking here

Offer Conditions
To REGISTER and SUBSCRIBE to the new Husky program, please go to* NOTE: Members who do not register in or subscribe to the new program will continue to earn 0.5/L on fuel and 2% on non-fuel purchases in CAA Dollars only until January 31, 2017. After this date, Members who do not register or subscribe won't earn any CAA Dollars at Husky.Members must have their BCAA card swiped at the pump or cashier till at time of purchase. CAA Dollars can be earned on all purchases at participating Husky locations including fuel, car washes, meals at Husky House Restaurants and eligible in-store merchandise.Excluded products include tobacco, Husky gift cards and certificates, bulk purchases, Cardlock purchases (e.g. Route Commander, HuskyPRO) made at high speed dispenser, Fleet purchases (purchases paid for by a Husky credit card or Commercial Fleet Card), and payment of in-station accounts.To earn and redeem CAA Dollars, you must be a current BCAA Member in good standing. Please allow up to 8 weeks after purchase for the CAA Dollars to appear in your BCAA account. Husky logo and trademark, and their use, is granted by Husky Oil Marketing.Offer subject to change without notice.